Three Entrepreneurs Making What’s Old New Again

Building your own business is one thing. Building it in a long-established industry that isn’t big on change is something else entirely. See how three Craft Syndicate trailblazers have challenged tradition and turned their own process into real progress.

Malbon Golf

What happens when streetwear meets the fairway? You’d have to ask Stephen Malbon, who co-founded Malbon Golf with his wife Erica in Los Angeles. Part retail shop, part event space and part experience—there’s even a golf simulator onsite—Malbon Golf was founded with the goal of turning a historically snobby sport into something anybody would want to play (and finally look good doing it).


The way we consume music has changed. Shouldn’t the way music is made change too? Julius “J” Erving thinks so. That’s why he founded Human-Re-Sources: a digital distribution-focused company offering musicians an escape from traditional 360 deals where they sign away their masters and merchandising in exchange for a large advance. Instead, Erving charges artists for distribution alone, allowing them to keep owning their music.


Who says you need a house to throw a house party? What started as a regular get-together over cognac and food in founder Kevin McCullough’s apartment quickly grew into one of the most hyped live shows in New York. The shows feature both McCullough’s crew and surprise guests and have quickly spread into multiple cities. Recently, the party reached a new level when they landed D’USSÉ as their official cognac partner: DussePalooza was (re)born.

What industry would you love to change?