New Music Mondays @ Stankonia Studios

New Music Mondays are a music/artist showcase that take place in Atlanta, GA at Stankonia Studios. The showcase will feature (5-10) up-and-coming acts and one regional headliner performance.  The event is designed to reach a mix of industry insiders, music enthusiasts, and media outlets and give new artist s professional critiques about their art.

Stankonia Studios

From the outside, the industrial complex in Midtown Atlanta that houses Stankonia Studios doesn’t look like much but it is the birthplace of some of the nation’s biggest Hip Hop hits over the past 20 years.  What was once Bobby Brown’s Bosstown studios on the famed Antone Street, also known as “Studio Row”, Stankonia evolved out of great timing on a foreclosure opportunity and an intrinsic mojo that fed boundless creativity.

The partnership of Big Boi and Andre 3000 (Outkast) knew they found something special when they assumed the studio in the late 90’s and renamed it Stankonia. Not only has it been a launching pad for local artists in Atlanta, it is also the recording home of Oranized Noize, Big Boi, and, of course, Outkast which produced its quadruple platinum album by the same name within the space. They recorded their best work there with Mr. DJ, who still works out of the studio with other top hip-hop talent.

Lil Durk @ Stankonia Studios

Those that have recorded or even just hung out in the space know the place has a certain vibe, a physical energy, and a certain something special about the building that is holding that energy together.  Big Boi says that with all the special and creative moments that have happened in the space, Stankonia is what they call “the place where all the funky things come from”.  That vibe is infused in everything that goes down within the hallowed walls of the fabled studio. Outkast had their own language to describe the grooves they would come up with as a result of the liveliness in the rooms at Stankonia; it was something beyond funky, something “stank.” The platinum plaques on every wall showcase the success derived from the creative energy that fuels this legendary location and the studio has become a symbol of Atlanta where talent, ideas, and hit records are constantly evolving.

@ Stankonia Studios