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Our Current Roster Of Artists.

Andre Hopson

Andre knew music was his calling early as he roamed the hallways of BET studios where his mother worked as a hair and makeup executive in Washington, D.C. Passion and hard work landed him a studio engineer internship where he got his first taste of the music business. His career has revolved around the reward of helping develop local talent and he is driven to help establish D.C. as a cultural mecca for music and artistry.

D'usse Palooza

DussePalooza started modestly. A small gathering of friends at founder Kameron McCullough’s home led to a simple idea; bring a bottle of Hennessy (or food) and let the fun begin! The group’s purpose was to simply share something that was true to them. As a result, D’ussePalooza has evolved into an electrifying music festival that embodies raw energy and unique experiences that inspires others - “let the fun begin”!