Fashion & Art

We are designing the future one stitch, frame and brushstroke at a time.

Our Current Roster Of Artists.

DL Warfield

As a highly accomplished creative director, DL Warfield’s journey has included stints in the record business, the clothing industry, and creating work for a variety of well-known consumer brands. It is his theory that “good could never substitute for greatness” and is inspired to create something that lasts. One of DL’s many passions is his mentorship and support of various community awareness programs.

Diet Starts Monday

Creative, confident, and constantly moving, Diet Starts Monday is a lifestyle label fueled by the premise that ideas should not be put off but put into motion. DSM was created by friends that never found an outlet for their ideas until they made it a mission to inspire action; amongst themselves and others. Constantly creating, not limited to one thing; Diet Starts Monday - The direction is there is no direction.

Renaldo Nehemiah

Notable entertainment icons enlist Renaldo Nehemiah as a wardrobe designer, fashion consultant, and creative director and his work and passion for his craft has inspired many aspiring creatives. He realized early that he had a gift and made it his mission to encourage and motivate creatives by inviting them into his world. Renaldo is driven by “giving back” and bringing communities together through the arts.